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** Attention International Buyers.  Please E-mail me prior to using the shopping cart. ** 



Bi-Polar Octadrive: $169.

Overdrive with 3 band EQ and footswitchable octave up.

See dealer list for where to buy.





Deus Ex Machina: $169.

Super thick fuzz with mid-boost and clean blend.

See dealer list for where to buy.





R.O.U.S.: $169.

OD/Distortion with lots of EQ and clipping options.

See dealer list for where to buy.




  DMB Lunar Echo: $299.

 Analog delay with modulation, FX loop, fidelity switch, and much more.

Currently sold out. Please e-mail me if you’d like on the list for a new one.




Dr. Scientist Cosmichorus V3: $325

Chorus with far too many features to count. From subtle to 80′s to the weirdest sounds you can imagine!




 Dr. Scientist Frazz Dazzler: $200.

Massive fuzz with switch to turn a noise gate on and off.




 Dr. Scientist The Elements: $225.

 Swiss Army Knife pedal that can act as a clean EQ, or super versatile distortion.



 Dr. Scientist Mini Radical Red Reverberator: $225.

 Fantastic sounding reverb pedal with multiple modes, and a rotary setting.





 Dr. Scientist Tremolessence: $249.

Tremolo with lots of features, like control over wave shape, and a hold mode.