Deus Ex Machina Fuzz


The Deus Ex Machina is not a subtle fuzz. This thing is thick, and that’s the way I like it. The pedal has knobs for volume, gain, and tone, like a normal fuzz, but it has two features that make it a bit different.

The pedal has a knob for a clean blend, so you can blend between your clean tone, and the fuzz. This makes it perfect for use with bass guitar, or you can experiment with having an overdrive pedal on before the fuzz, and having a half overdriven/half fuzzed out guitar sound. Endless possibilities.

The pedal also has a knob so you can boost your mids. The knob boosts your signal around 1000Hz, so you can get back some of your signal that is typically lost when using a fuzz pedal. You can use your fuzz, and still cut through a band mix. A cool feature is that if you roll back the volume knob on your guitar, the pedal cleans up a bit, but the mid boost remains, so you can get a parked wah type of effect.

The Deus Ex Machina retails for $169.

(International buyers, please e-mail me at to purchase.)

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