To put it mildly, the R.O.U.S. is a versatile pedal. It’s based off of a classic distortion pedal circuit, but it can do so much more. There is a toggle switch to change the clipping diodes (or completely remove them) so you can go anywhere from a very light overdrive to fullbore rock distortion. Also, I’ve added more EQ options so you don’t have to settle for just having a single tone knob. There are knobs to control bass, treble, and then a texture knob that controls the clipping characteristics, and almost acts as a mids knob. And for those of you who are interested in such things, this pedal does use the coveted LM308 chip.

I wanted to make a pun about how the pedal is a-MAZE-ing, due to the graphics, but I decided that’s even too cheesy of a joke for me to make.




The R.O.U.S. retails for $169.

(International buyers, please e-mail me at blakemoreeffects@gmail.com to purchase.)

See dealer list for where to buy.