Custom Shop

The Custom Shop is something that I started after I was getting requests to build people custom pedals. So, I got some artwork designed for me that would work on any pedal, and the Custom Shop was born! If you have an idea for a pedal that you want built, just e-mail me, and we can work out the details. I’m always excited to try new things!



Some Custom Shop pedals I’ve built before have included:

1) Building my stock pedals, but removing features (ie no EQ on the Mustang or Bi-Polar, or no mid-boost or clean blend on the Deus)

2) Building classic pedals with added features (fuzzes with clean blends, ODs with different EQs, etc.)

3) Building two pedals into one enclosure (fuzz and OD, two different fuzzes, fuzz and chorus, etc.)

4) Building discontinued pedals (vintage fuzzes, choruses, etc.)


Again, the options are limitless. Those are just a few ideas I’ve worked on in the past.